Audison APBMW K4M Kit 2 Vie Woofer 100 e Tweeter BMW Small Basket


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2-way system for BMW-MINI
The two-way APBMW K4M kit creates a three-dimensional sound stage and give the musical message the essential timbre accuracy. 
The 100 mm (4?) midrange is provided with a water-repellent pressed-paper cone, a material providing natural sound. It features a low resonance frequency that allows hi-pass cut-off in the 150-200 Hz range for an excellent mid-low reproduction. 
The 25 mm coil and Tetolon dome tweeter features a great extension on both medium and high frequencies and is optimized for off-axis output, for an extended sound stage in the three dimensions, that amplifies the perception of reality in the car cabin. 

Technical Data
2-way System
Woofer Size  mm  100
Tweeter Size  mm  29
Power Handling  W peak 100
W continuos  50
Impedance  O  4
Frequency Response  Hz  90 ÷ 23k
Sensitivity  Hz  89
Crossover Type  Hi-Pass: 6 KHz @ 6dB/Oct.
Component adjustment  dB  -3; 0
Woofer Magnet size D x d x h  mm 50 x 29 x 3
Tweeter Magnet size D x d x h  mm 24,5 x 4
Weight of one speaker  Woofer  0,426
Tweeter  0,06
Voice Coil Ø  Woofer  25
Tweeter  25

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